compact home interior

It’s easy to decorate your home if its big, but it is more challenging for you to decorate your home and make it look more elegant and attractive in small space. There are many ways through you can create your home beautiful and make it appear bigger in size. Instead of purchasing costly wall décor products and painting, you can decorate your home walls through family pictures. It is not only cost efficient but also make you stay connected with your family by reminding happy moments.

If your house is small you can create niches on the wall so that it doesn’t occupy extra space of your home. You have to be very precise about the interior decoration products if you have limited space. Replace the small windows with large French windows. It will make your room brighter and feel spacious.

Since we know closet is only for storage, but you can create more space and make your home look different by updating your closet. You can do anything when it comes to interior designing and it will be your creativity if you are planning to make some changes. For some clue, you can use shoe rack as a chair by just placing small cushion over it.

You can also deceive by creating illusion in the minds of the people through using designer tiles and shower door made of glass instead of shower curtains; it will make the bathroom feel roomy. Also try to remove house wall as possible as it is better to have one large spacious room than to have small congested beautiful rooms. Since your house do not have much space, do not overload it with décor products. Try to keep it as simple as possible.

Avoid heavy ceiling décor as well. Even it can also go against your house look. Heavy false ceiling will make the room look smaller. Try to keep it simple and sober. If you want to decorate the ceiling then simple wooden panels and simple lampshade instead of heavy chandelier are the best. When it comes to lighting, Light subtle shades make the room feel bigger, lighter and airy. Select a single color for the walls and mix it with its own variation for furniture and furnishing. you can also through some spotlight on the vase, statue or any showpiece to make it more attractive.

Since we know plants always make our house more beautiful and glee. You don’t need to have garden to add some greenery to your house. If you are plant lover but having a small house then you can opt for vertical gardening. You can add plants and flowers to your home vertically. There are lots of options available of the vertical garden in the market. Just go for it!

We all want king or queen size bed for our room but try to avoid using big beds. If you are having storage issue then you can purchase under-bed storage containers as it can help to save lots of space for your home.

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