Since our website name is glee décor, it is an interior designing website through which you can
purchase online products. As you know glee means happy where as décor means decoration. Our
website provides beautiful and bewildering array of interior decoration products. Glee décor is an e-
commerce website where customers can go through variety of latest fashion trends for their home
designing. Without interior décor, our home feels dull and boring. To make your home look more
attractive and pleasant, one has to be very careful about the products and designs we are going to opt
for our home.
Objective: The objective of our website is to provide quality product to our customers at reasonable
price. As you know, people want good quality and price for the product at the same time. So keeping in
mind the requirement of the customers, we offer them latest products at very astonishing price. We
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Services and product: From niddle to sofa, we offer every interior designing product. All you need is to
just ask. As we focus on the requirement and desire of the customers, we keep in mind what our
customer is expecting and make their desire true. We always keep our customer as a first priority and
listen to their complaints and query seriously. We always try to make our customers fully satisfy. Our
site also avail Services such as cash on delivery, EMI, payment through credit card and debit card, similar
items, e-banking( paytm, kotak bank app) and many more. We also provide free home delivery for the
items price exceeding from Rs. 500. If the customer receive damaged or false product then it will be
replaced within 24 hrs. and attention to your reviews about the product will also be given.
Benefit to customer: we always keep in mind the requirements and provide them best quality at
reasonable price with latest and unique product. We also provide weekend discount and monthly sale to
cheer our customers and this offer is also applicable for recent trends. We have also decided to provide
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